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Product name : 99.98% Φ1.6*32MM pure tungsten needle
Product No. : Φ1.6*32MM
Price : 0.38USD/PC
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pure tungsten electrode is made of by material with high melting point, corrosion resistance, high 
density, good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity.High quality argon arc and plasma
welding's important point is 
accurately grinding the diameter and angle of pole,our factory can
product accurately tolerance and sharpen the pole,promise the pole's all tolerance.pole can be
sharpened one of end or two ends .

1. content of tungsten 99.96%   or  W  99.98%

2. Usage:For silver and platinum electronics microbeam plasma arc welding, stainless steel vacuum flask

    shell impulse microbeam plasma arc welding, etc.

Common sizes as folllow:


pure tungsten electrode's photos:




       pure tungsten electrode's specifications:
It is widely used for welding in its properties.Tungsten electrode grinding or polishing and black.The final
color is different, can distinguish the difference.
In the tungsten electrode, and, more importantly, their final 
color different, tungsten content is also different.
When welding, to select the correct tungsten electrodes, 
make it easier for welding, it is important to get high quality welding.
Do the right thing to consider some of
the important factor is the power (or transformer) inverter, welding material (steel, aluminum or stainless 
steel), and the type of the material thickness.
it is in tungsten argon arc welding of arc arc, arc stability and
welding quality play an important role.
Under the high temperature of arc is tungsten electrode quality loss 
occurs, known as tungsten electrode ablation.
In order to discuss the ablative mechanism of tungsten 
electrode, the ablation can be divided into adding tungsten oxide ablation and ablation of itself.


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