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Product name : heat-resisting wear-resisting oil production PDC tips
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 heat-resisting wear-resisting oil production PDC tips

1.A PDC consists of a polycrystalline diamond layer and a cemented carbide substrate. 
It is made by sintering fine diamond powder and cemented carbide substrate together 
at a high atmospheric pressure and temperature (about 60,000atms and 1,400-1,500℃). 
It is suitable for drill bits (PDC drill bits) working on various strata. Due to the complete 
D-D bondings among the diamond grains at the polycrystalline diamond layer, the diamond
layer has high strength, hardness, and wear resistance and also shows excellent self-sharpening

2. In its operation, a PDC drill bit crushes rocks by cutting and is more effective than a roller cone 
bit crushing rocks or an impregnated diamond bit ploughing and grinding rocks. The polycrystalline
diamond layer and the cemented carbide substrate are combined in a tooth structure, thus consolidating
the two layers and ensuring better impact resistance of the drill bit.


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