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Product name : silver welding rod
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 silver welding rod is  silver or silver base solid deep body electrode, has good process 
Low melting point, good wettability and the ability to fill the gaps, and high 
strength, good plasticity, good conductivity and corrosion resistance, can be used 
brazing in addition to aluminum, magnesium, and other low melting point metal all ferrous
and non-ferrous metals.

1. silver solder material include silver solder rod,wire,plate,ring,ribbon-like filament,powder ect

2. environmental silver solder material(with cadmium)  and no-enviromental silver solder material
    (without cadmium).

3. common grades are 5%Ag,10%Ag,15%Ag,20%Ag, 25%Ag,30%Ag,35%Ag,40%Ag,45%Ag ect.
4. the price is floating according the raw silver material.pls confirm the price when you make the order.
5. package: 1kg/plastice ,
Vacuum packaging, prevent oxidation.

silver welding rod's photos:

silver welding rod's specifications and advantages:
1. The silver electrode liquidity is good, price cheap, excellent process performance;
2. The silver electrode with high melting point, good wettability and the ability to fill the gap;
3. The silver electrode high joint strength, good plasticity and good electrical conductivity and corrosion 

4. The brazing of copper and silver have since qian, can not solder.Suitable for resistance welding, gas 
     flame welding,high frequency brazing and some furnace brazing,
Brazing welding head has good 
     strength and electric conductivity.

5. Low cost of silver electrode, silver, silver, like copper and copper and copper alloy welding.

Different between environmental silver solder material(cadmium free)  and no-enviromental 
silver solder material(with cadmium):

1.enviromental silver solder material(without cadmium):
   it is enviromental solder material,no toxic.
2.No-environmental silver solder material(with cadmium):
   the cadmium(CD) can Lower melting point, increase liquidity in the solder, it is toxic,some countries
   restrict imports.mexico,Africa can use it.

silver welding rod's grades and specifications



silver welding rod's usages
Widely used in refrigeration, lighting, hardware appliances, instruments and meters, chemical industry,
aerospace and other industrial fields.
Such as air conditioning refrigeration, cutting tool,Carbide tool, 
diamond tool, glasses, saw blades, refrigerators, metal hose, fitness equipment, medical equipment,
fishing gear, bicycles, metal 
Furniture industry, fire, etc.

Silver welding rod's storage methods:
1. The silver welding rod cases: the warehouse where the silver electrode in a dry and ventilated environment
    should possess, avoid damp;
Refused to water, acid, alkali liquid, such as easy to volatilize Corrosive material 
    existence, more unfavorable coexist with the material to the same warehouse.
Electrode should be placed on
    the wooden pallets, not to be, or directly on the floor 
Close to the wall.Access and handling electrode with.
2. Be careful not to break the packing, especially the inner packing "heat shrinkable film."
Open the silver 
    electrode packing should be finished as soon as possible to use it all
(within a week), once the welding wire
    is directly exposed to the air, the anti-oxidation will greatly shorten the time (especially in the wet and
    corrosive medium
The environment.
3. According to the principle of "first in first out" electrode, as far as possible to reduce product inventory time.
Please according to the electrode type, specification, classification storage, to prevent misuse.

Zhuzhou Up Cemented Carbide Co.,Ltd services:
1.more than 10 years manufacture experience in tungsten carbide
2.Implement strict quality testing and control procedure to make superior quality. (ISO9001)
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4.we can accept all trade terms
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