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Product name : YG20C 20% Co OD20*ID4.0*53mm tungsten carbide dies
Product No. : 201595142322
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YG20C 20% Co OD20*ID4.0*53mm tungsten carbide dies

under strong impact wear working conditions, tungsten carbide die was 
required hard alloy has good impact
toughness, fracture toughness,Fatigue strength, flexural strength, and good wear resistance.

1. usually used in high cobalt and the coarse-grained alloy grades, such as the common YG15C, YG20C, YG25C like.
2. carbide wear resistance, toughness relationship between the two are contradictory: to improve the wear resistance will 
lead to a decrease in toughness, and improve toughness and wear resistance inevitably lead 
Reduction. Therefore, the choice
of alloy grades, the need to work in accordance with the object and process conditions to meet specific requirements.

3. If the selected grades in use, prone to crack and damage early, should use a higher grade toughness; if the choice of brands
easily in use
 Produce early wear and damage, should use high hardness, wear resistance and better grades.
4. The following grades: YG15C, YG18C, YG20C, YG22C, YG25C from left to right, lower hardness, abrasion resistance is lowered, 
Improved; on the contrary, the opposite.



tungsten carbide die 's Grades and the materials,


Grade   Density T.R.S  Hardness                                             Application
(g/cm3) (MPa) (HRA)
YG16C 13.95 ≥2640 ≥84 Dies for wear resistance or impact resistant application.
YG20C 13.8 ≥2800 ≥84 Dies for wear resistance or impact resistant application.
YG20.5C 13.7 ≥2900 ≥83.5 Dies for wear resistance or impact resistance application.
YG21C 13.6 ≥3000 ≥83 Nut forming dies and high impact resistance forging dies.
YG20 14 ≥2600 ≥85.5

For fabricating of stamping dies for watch parts, spring plates of musical 

instruments, battery jars, small sized steel balls, screw caps.

YN20C 13.7 ≥2700 ≥83  Resistant or impact resistant application and hot-forging dies.
YN21C 13.8 ≥2700 ≥84 Applicable for moulds of stainless steel screws and dies materials
 of magnetic materials.
YN15C 14 ≥2500 ≥86

Applicable for dies materials of general impact resistance forging 
dies and 

magnetic products




tungsten carbide die 's common sizes:



tungsten carbide die 's reuqest for machines,
tungsten cabride die during use should be noted: stamping machinery should be in good working condition; with the
base mold holder should have bumps and 
Tilt; working end face of the die and the punch should be balanced; when 
adjusting device, not use air strike carbide punch die; cold heading 
When the molding or extrusion molding work 
should preferably be appropriate lubricant.


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